Discover How To Fix Rounded Shoulders

While there are numerous postural problems, one of the most common ones is, without any question, rounded shoulders. However, and before we proceed, don’t despair. It is easy to fix and you can do it all by yourself.

What are rounded shoulders?


Having rounded shoulders simply means that you’re having a bad posture. Your shoulders have mover forward, preventing the right alignment of your spine.


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Rounded shoulders can be developed by many ways. However, one that tends to be more common is related with the sitting position. After all, most of us live our lives sitting at a desk and in front of a computer during the entire day. Even with frequent breaks, your body and overall muscles get tired to be in the same position and you just can’t contradict the anymore. So, you start developing this bad position.

What causes rounded shoulders?

As we already mentioned above, pounded shoulders are a part of a bad posture that you developed. No matter if its due to genetics, an accident, or simply the force of habit, the reality is that it’s more common that you think.


The truth is that all that you do no matter if you’re sitting, walking, sleeping, or simply standing has an influence on your overall posture.

There are multiple factors that can lead to rounded shoulders and you probably are going to see numerous things that you do listed here, on a daily basis:

  • look down for prolonged periods
  • sleep on your side
  • use the laptop or computer
  • sit down all day
  • use a table or a smartphone
  • bend, lift or carry
  • drive.

While you simply need to do some of things everyday, you need to be aware that they pay a huge influence on your rounded shoulders and on your overall posture.

How do these factors affect and cause rounded shoulders?

When you are doing any of the activities that we listed above, you are weakening some of your muscles and you’re tightening other ones.


While your back muscles are getting tight and are pulling your shoulders forward, your front muscles aren’t doing their job. They are so weak that they simply can’t pull your shoulders backwards.

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So, you basically have a battle inside your body between your muscles because there s a clear imbalance. The truth is that both muscles should do their jobs at the same pace. And you should never have weak or tight muscles anywhere in your body.

How can you know if you have rounded shoulders?


In case you still didn’t start to feel the pain, that’s a good sign. However, the pain tends to attack you when the spine alignment is already in a really bad shape. So, there are two different and simple methods that you can use to check whether you have rounded shoulders or not.

#1: Standing Up:

Make sure that you are standing up and you have your arms fully relaxed by your side.

Now, just take a quick look at your hands and see where your palms are facing. In case they are facing behind you, this may mean you have rounded shoulders.


#2: Lying Down:

For this test, you’ll need to lie down against the floor, on your back. Make sure that have your arms by your side.

Now, how are your shoulders positioned? Do they appear to be like floating forward or they naturally rest on the floor? In case your shoulders don’t get in touch with the floor, you may have rounded shoulders.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that the first test tends to be more reliable. Many people tend to cheat on this second one by arching their lower back.

What’s the right shoulder position?

If you already tested and noticed that you have rounded shoulders, you first need to know the right position that your shoulders should be.

Here’s what you need to do: stand up facing a wall and reach out your hands as far as you can to the side. Then, try to slightly bring your arms backwards. You should feel a slight contraction right between your shoulder blades. After this movement, simply turn your palms upwards and start to lower your arms by your side, keeping your shoulders position.

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